When you first arrive in Breb, it’s hard not to fall in love with this little farm village hidden in a valley on the foot of mount Gutâi. With only 500 houses but lots of fields and orchards in between, Breb feels very intimate yet spacious at the same time. This place seems very special, and it certainly is!


Imagine unpaved paths and tiny streets rolling up and down the hills, streams with wooden bridges to cross them, green fruit orchards full of apples and plums, horses and carts taking hay through the fields, families working on their crops, carrying their lunch packed on their backs in handwoven baskets, the sounds of chickens in the courtyards.

Breb feels a lot like stepping back in time. The people cutting the grass with scythes, the oxes and horses plough the land, the traditional costumes worn on sundays, the ancient crafts like woodcutting and weaving still visible, wooden porches and fences in front of the houses, and medieval washing machines in the rivers. It all comes alive in Breb, because it never disappeared.

All this, and more, is what Breb makes so special and why we decided to settle here and want to share it with others. To experience this old way of life in an agricultural setting, where the households are self-sufficient in producing their own food and many more things, can be a true inspiration. The villagers of Breb are hardworking, open and warm people. They are never too busy for a talk, to show you the way or even to invite you in their homes. You might and up having a home made Țuică (a very strong spirit made of apples, pears or plums) and offered to stay for dinner.

Of course Breb is not all about living history, new things have appeared. Nowadays mobile phones are used by almost every villager, some of the horses are replaced by tractors and televisions can been seen shining through the windows in the evenings.


Nevertheless, the people of Breb are still sticking to their own ancient values and customs. Luckily for us, because there can be learned a lot from this sustainable way of living.

Animals are playing a big role in the village life of Breb. You’ll see lots of horses, sheep en chickens. Every house has it’s own barn, with cows, pigs and sometimes even oxes. Breb people are very proud of their livestock. The animals provide them with fresh diary products, wool, meat and eggs.


Although there are only a few little shops in Breb, you’ll never find yourself without food; in every house next door you’ll find fresh products. In summer the gardens are full of the tastiest fruits and vegetables. You won’t have to search far for fresh ingredients to makeyourself a meal.

From the village of Breb you can easily explore the nature around it. A walk of the campsite takes you into the fields, further up into the forest and will bring you untill the top of mount Gutâi. This mountain can be seen from lots of places in the village, as from our campsite.



Mount Gutâi with it’s surroundings has an unique bio system, with a lot of special plants and animals. Foxes, lynx, wolves and even bears are habited in this area. From the top you’ll have an unique view of Maramureș and beyond. There are also opportunities for climbing and mountain biking. All within reach from Breb and our garden.


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