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Breb 149
437206 Breb Maramureș



Gps coordinates:
DD: latitude 47.746195 longitude 23.89378
DMS: latitude 47 44’46,303″N longitude 23 53’37.609″E

Our access road: The last 700 metres through the village are on an unpaved road, which means the road is covered with gravel and small stones. For cars, this is no problem, we drive here every day. Small campers and caravans also can reach our campsite, although we advise you to slow down your speed to a minimum. After all, it are only 700 metres.

Unfortunately the road is not suited for caravans larger than 5,5 metres and campers larger than 7 metres. Wide/high vehicles like converted army trucks can not reach our camp site!

IMPORTANT: Once arrived in Breb with your vehicle, follow our wooden signs and do not use your gps-system, which will lead you to impassable roads and fields !! On foot of course you can go everywhere you like 🙂

How to reach us

By car coming from the direction of…

Sighetu Marmației: follow road nr. DN 18 in the direction of Baia Mare untill the junction just after the village of Berbești. Take the 109F (direction Cavnic), and 4 kilometres after you have left Ocna Șugatag, you will see Breb on the right down in the valley. A small sign with ‘Breb’ indicates where you can descend into the valley and enter Breb.

Bârsana: take road nr. 185 in the village of Bârsana (direction Cavnic). At the junction in Călinești, go left, again in the direction of Cavnic. Drive through Sârbi and in Budești, untill you can turn right towards Ocna Șugatag. Take this road and after 2 kilometres you will find a road on your left that will lead you to Breb.

Baia Mare: there are more options from Baia Mare. The fastest is to take the road nr. 184 in Baia Sprie towards Cavnic. Follow this road through Cavnic, pass the ski slopes and in Budești take the road to the left in the direction of Ocna Șugatag. After 2 kilometres you will find Breb on your left down in the valley. Another option from Baia Mare is following the road DN 18 to Sighetu Marmației, through the forest and over the Gutâi Pass. At the village of Hărniceşti turn right at the sign that indicates Ocna Șugatag (road 185). Follow the road, drive through the village of Hoteni, untill the next sign where you will have to go right in the direction of Cavnic. After one kilometre you can see Breb on the right in the valley.

In the village of Hoteni there is also a new, small asphalt road leading into Breb. To find this road, search in Hoteni for a yellow information sign. On the other side of the road is the small road leading into Breb. Follow this road until you see our wooden signs. This road is very narrow, so only recommended for small vehicles.

Cluj-Napoca: take the 1C to Baia Mare and not long after Dej, in the village of Căşeiu, turn right towards Târgu Lăpuş on the 18B. From Târgu Lăpuş take the 109F to Cavnic. Pass the ski slopes and in Budești take the road to the left in the direction of Ocna Șugatag. After 2 kilometres you will find Breb on your left down in the valley.

Note: in Breb, follow our wooden signs and do not use your gps-system, which will lead you to impassable roads and fields. Our busiest weeks are the last week of July and the first week of August. In that period the possibility exists that we are full and can’t accept any new guests. So if possible, it is best to schedule a visit before or after this period. 

Public transport

The nearest train stations are Sighetu Marmației (Sighet) and Baia Mare. From both cities there are (mini)buses going to Breb (30 minutes from Sighet and 70 minutes from Baia Mare). The minibus will probably not go down in the valley, so like the locals, you will have to walk down to the village yourself. In 20 minutes you will reach the village, and from there it is another 20 minutes walking to our place.

From Cluj there are several buses and trains going to Sighet, but the fastest option is to take a bus to Baia Mare and continue to Breb by minibus (see below).

From Baia Mare there are buses going to Breb at 07.00, 11.30 (not on sunday), 14.00 & 15.00 (these 2 only mon-fri) and 17.00. All leave from the bus station, which is right next to the train station. The mini buses from Sighet leave at 08.45 (only mon-fri), 09.50, 15.50 (not on saturday) and 18.50. They leave from the bus station, which is next to the train station, and they also stop in front of the Kaufland supermarket. The buses will leave you on the road on top of the village. From there you can walk down with the locals. The other buses from Baia Mare to Sighet will follow another road and don’t pass Breb. If you take one of these, get off in Hărniceşti or at the end of Giuleşti and hitch a ride to Breb.

From Bucharest there are direct night trains to Baia Mare and Sighet.

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